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Episode 48 – The Discovery: Revisited

34 min
Released Feb 25, 2024

It’s time to revisit the original discovery story and go over it with a fine-toothed comb. A process that yields some interesting inconsistencies. And there’s some unexpected developments from the Isle of Man.

Episode 47 – Man to Man

26 min
Released Jan 28, 2024

I travel to the Isle of Man in search of more information about John Gick and return to speak to someone connected with the case who has a very clear idea of what may have happened to Fred. Oh,…. and by the way, there’s something quite important I’ve been meaning to tell you!

Episode 46 – Close to Home

26 min
Released Dec 3, 2023

There’s a number of interesting conversations that reveal some new ideas, an eagle eared listener spots a very strange coincidence and there’s news of our new website.

Episode 45 – The Connection

10 min
Released Oct 1, 2023

What would you do in John Gick’s shoes? – Our investigation into that thought yields an astonishing potential connection – One, absolutely nobody, saw coming!

Episode 44 – Back to Work

27 min 
Released Sept 24, 2023

Summer’s over, so its back to work on the investigation. There’s a few interesting developments to update you on on John Gick, on the Kun family emigration and the first Fred the Head meet up which was such a great success.

Episode 43 – The Scout´s Story

28 min 
Released Jul 2, 2023

John Gick disappears without trace on Saturday 1st February 1969, leaving the scout group he had brought with him from the Isle of Man without its leader. In this episode we track down the second in command on that trip and explore what he remembers about that fateful journey and what he remembers about John Gick and the clues that emerged from the investigation that followed his disappearance.

Episode 42 – Digging Deeper

23 min
Released May 27, 2023

 We take our investigations into the missing scoutmaster to the next level, as we try to establish how the unsolved disappearance of a man in February 1969 could be related to our case.

Episode 41 – The Man who Stepped into Nowhere

34 min
Released Apr 11, 2023

Our routine investigations pay dividends – When a man emerges from the archives who seems to match Fred – and the more we dig, the more and more intriguing it becomes.

Episode 40 – The Witness

1hr 33 min
Released Apr 9, 2023

In a long interview, we meet with the man who claims to have been an accessory to Fred’s murder, who tells a remarkable tale in his own words.

Episode 39 – A Glimpse behid the Curtain

56 min
Released Feb 26, 2023

There’s one final question I need to ask Zoe, I spend far more time than I should digging through the archives with interesting results and we receive an offer of some very useful help. 

Episode 38 – No Stone Unturned

37 min
Released Jan 29, 2023

Jo has been busy uncovering more about Matthew James Jackson, I’m able to speak to someone who knew Frank Kun very well and there are some intriguing questions raised by listeners.


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