About Us

Ken Davies

My name is Ken Davies, I discovered the case in 2019 and was shocked to find how little the investigation had been able to move forward in the intervening 48 years and with no prospect of any breakthrough.

I decided to investigate the case myself and with a small group of dedicated helpers we started to try to move the case forward and every step of the way we released a podcast outlining our discoveries. And there have been many, many discoveries. Connections that the police investigation never revealed.

Iain Mackay

Ken Davies is my oldest friend but I first got involved with the case as a listener and then an obsessive fan. 

From Poirot in my preteens through Kojak and Cannon, Billingham and Rankin to The Fred the Head podcast itself, I have always loved a mystery so I was delighted when Ken asked me to join his select band of assistants… and here we are, eighteen months later, still obsessed with giving Fred his identity back and maybe finding out whodunnit!

Jo Willis

I am Jo Willis. I was born in Lancashire in 1963, but I live and teach in Oxfordshire. I love researching genealogy and  social history; it’s my hobby.

I began listening to podcasts when I was very ill, as a way of relaxing my mind, and Fred the Head was one of the first that was recommended to me. I loved it. I  began contacting Ken about people he was discussing (which probably irritated him at the time), but gradually he began to ask me for help with things, probably because he realised I love a challenge.

Magdalena Rutte

My name is Magdalena Rutte, I was born in the former communist Czechoslovakia, but I live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

When my grandmother gave me my first Agatha Christie book, I became a murder mystery fan for life. I was very interested in the Fred podcast as a listener, but when I heard that the investigation might turn towards Eastern Europe, I did not hesitate and contacted Ken directly. And the rest is history.

By the way, this website is my work, so I hope you are enjoying it!

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