Jozsef Czenner

A Hungarian man called Jozsef Czenner casts a shadow over this story, how he fits in, we are still to discover.

There are very few Jozsef Czenners in the UK in 1969 – one or two. But we know one was living in the Burton area. A professional knife-thrower by trade, and occasional hairdresser. But why is he of interest?. Because of one extraordinary coincidence.

 In researching the emigration of Frank Kun in 1969, something peculiar was noticed, and it involved Frank Kun’s wife Waltraud Anna-Lina (a very unusual name in the UK at the time). The Kun family sailed to their new home from Southampton in late 1969. Very soon after, in the same area of the UK, a man called Jozsef Czenner married someone with the first names Waltraud AL (she used Czenner as her maiden name – it wasn’t).

Are the Kuns and the Czenners connected in some way, and how did the Jozsef Czenner story continue?


Fred the Head

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